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")>ToMykol) { MysqlCommand cmdInsert = new MySqlCommand(insertQuery, conn); conn.Open(); cmdInsert.ExecuteNonQuery(); conn.Close(); } A: Try calling cmdInsert.Connection = conn; Q: Can't reference both the interface and the implementation of an abstract class I'm starting a learning project, and I'm on the dilemma of the JUnit Tests. I'm doing an ATM Machine, and I have to create a class named ATMBase. In this class, I defined the ATM functions and the interface definition. Also, in the same class I have the static utility method, which helps me to generate random numbers. The problem is that I want to call this utility method with the Test cases, but since the method is a static, it doesn't have any reference to the main(), so I can't access to the fileName. Here is a basic code of the ATMBase class: public abstract class ATMBase public abstract boolean withdraw(); public abstract boolean deposit(); public abstract int getBalance(); public abstract String toString(); Here is the utility method: public class Utility public static String getFileName(String input) { Random rand = new Random(); int i = rand.nextInt(); String fileName = input + i; return fileName; } Here are the static utility method's test cases: @Test public void testGetFileName() String stringFromGetFileName = Utility.getFileName("",""); String stringToCompare = "Forgotten"; assertEquals(stringToCompare, stringFromGetFileName); I can call the method successfully from the main function, but I have to call it from the other class (and then from the unit tests), but it keeps saying to me that I can't access to the fileName. The problem is that I want to



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Hidraulicadetuberiasycanalesarturorochapdfsolucionario bessely

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