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Meet June Kirby

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June Kirby

Company Founder, Financial Professional

As a federal and postal retirement specialist and licensed insurance agent, June Kirby brings over 25 years of experience to the financial services industry. Based on her background, June is uniquely qualified to understand the intricate issues surrounding effective financial strategies, retirement income planning, and federal and postal benefit maximization. At Simply Secure Financial, she enjoys developing and implementing strategies that provide clarity for her clients’ financial futures, allowing them to optimize their wealth by aligning it with their values and goals.


June began her career at WMA Securities and Inter-Securities after graduating from Northwood University with a degree in Business Management with a strong focus on economics and free enterprise.

In 2005, June began transitioning her career from working with small business owners to focusing on federal and postal employees. By working with these well-deserving individuals, June felt convinced her career could be more impactful and meaningful. Based on her extensive knowledge, she offers guidance on a host of federal retirement benefits and TSP maximization strategies. June tirelessly travels the country to make herself available to hundreds of deserving, yet under-served federal and postal employees, federal agencies, unions, and organizations.

She joined Public Sector Retirement Educators, LLC in 2014 to more fully provide the support her clients need. She has gone on to affiliate with a network of federal employee benefit consultants through Federal Employee Advocates, allowing her to bring further help to federal employees. June continually looks for opportunities to educate herself on financial matters to help ensure she stays on top of the ever-changing industry. She shares that knowledge through the FEA webinars she hosts.

Whether her clients at Simply Secure Financial want to fund long-term goals such as college or retirement, or simply want to ensure their savings will last throughout retirement, June helps them translate those goals into workable, realistic, custom-tailored financial strategies. June’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and strong client relationships enables her to add value and give clients the confidence to know their finances are on track.

June enjoys spending time with her husband and loves traveling. She also enjoys meeting people with diverse backgrounds who are eager to learn and are passionate about life.

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